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What are Substance Use Disorders?

A substance use disorder occurs when legal or illicit substances are misused or consumed on a recurring basis. Substance use disorder, the medical term for addiction, may impact a person's behavior and brain chemistry, and cause the individual to lack control when it comes to regulating the consumption of an illegal drug, prescription medication, alcohol, nicotine, or other substances. When a substance use disorder is present, a person may continue to consume these substances and carry out harmful or compulsive actions or behaviors regardless of negative outcomes.

How are Substance Use Disorders Diagnosed and Treated?

During an initial assessment, our providers will ask a series of questions concerning the use of a substance and how it may be impacting the individual's work, school, social, or other aspects of life. In a number of cases, there may be a dual diagnosis, which occurs when a substance use disorder is present concurrently with a general psychiatric condition, such as anxiety or depression. Treatments for substance use disorder may involve a combination of behavioral therapy, an intervention program, psychotherapy, medical detox, and addiction medications to help manage cravings and the symptoms of withdrawal.

Addiction Treatment

Substance use disorder is a treatable condition that often requires professional care. At Mind Therapy, we diagnose and treat substance use disorders to help patients overcome addiction and enjoy a better quality of life. Together, we will creatively incorporate coping skills techniques for symptom reduction. By employing a harm-reduction, client-centered approach, we will explore whether moderate, less harmful use or abstinence are appropriate. We will develop therapeutic goals to address behavioral-change, ambivalence, and begin to understand the emotional underpinnings of the substance use and self-destructive behaviors.

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